About Our Process

Our comprehensive 5 step process takes care of you and your entire property improvement project from start to finish. No run-around here. We make the transformation process super straight forward for you. With over 20 years experience working with Santa Barbara property owners like you, we respect your valuable time and help maintain your clarity of mind. 

Chris Hulme, President

No run-around here.

Book your consultation in 15 seconds.

Initial Consultation

We discuss your vision

30 Minutes

Written Proposal

Written Proposal Scope of Work, Terms emailed

24 Hours

DocuSign + Deposit

DocuSign + Deposit Review, eSign, Pay Online

10 Minutes

Docs signed, deposit paid, now what?

Design Team Intro

Designer contacts you same day OR within 24 hours to schedule on-site project kick-off meeting

24 Hours

The 5 Steps to Landscaping Success


It all starts with an idea. You’ve spent countless hours dreaming. Now it’s time to design and build.


Creating the landscape plan for your project is one of the most important aspects of making sure your project delivers exactly what you are hoping for, without any regrets.


One of the most frequent questions we get asked: “Do I need a permit for this project?” Around Santa Barbara, the answer can sometimes be a bit ambiguous.


From front yard updates to back yard overhauls, outdoor kitchens to outdoor living areas, our team is uniquely experienced in the Santa Barbara area to understand what works best, what stands the test of time, and what creates the most satisfaction of the senses.


Choosing who to care for your landscaping is actually not too dissimilar from choosing who to care for your Ferrari if you ever chose to get one. It may sound silly but allow us to explain.

Ground rules: a couple points on how we operate

No Weekends

We protect weekends for our team members to focus on family and recover from a laborious work week.

All email, voice mail, and text messages will be handled during the following work week.

Consultations are typically scheduled during normal working hours. (Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm PST) 

Want your own weekend or holiday away from the project? No problem! Once your design plan is done, if you need to focus on your own work or go away on vacation, our team will be able to effectively manage the construction effort thereafter without needing to “bug you” too often. We mostly just need you present and focussed during the initial design creation phase to help collaborate with us and get clear on the vision for your project.

Payment Structure

We are committed to providing you with rhythmic financial transparency during your project.

To that end, you will receive three invoices every week. The last of them will have an organized, accurate breakdown of project expenses for the entire previous week. This way, you’ll always be able to see exactly where your investment money is going on a weekly basis.

As you can imagine, a small business can’t carry too much material and labor cost before needing to get some help paying for it. That’s why we send regular progress invoices. As long as you are paying us back in real time along the way we will be able to keep your project steadily progressing. Progress payments not received within 24 hours may result in temporary project delays. 

Payment Methods

You will receive invoices from our Quickbooks accounting system via email with “rhythmic” consistency, as mentioned above.

Just click the “Review and pay” button to make an ACH payment from your phone or computer in about 15 seconds. 

If you prefer making payment via paper check or another form, please let us know. Just keep in mind, the electronic payment system is completely secure and makes it easier for everyone to keep up with regular, timely progress payments. This is what we need to keep your project moving smoothly.