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One of the most common questions we get right at the beginning of a project is: “What type of plants do you recommend?” The most consistent answer we give is: “What sorts of plants do you like? What yards have you seen locally that depict the feelings and visions you have for your property?” The second most common question we get on plants: “Where do you think we can find xyz plant I found online?” The answer is usually: “Often not around here.” The fact of the matter is plants are living organisms, meaning they grow, eat, move, and reproduce. All plants also need certain conditions to grow in an optimal environment.

In California, we have around 20 climate zones ranging from very hot and dry to more cool and wet. And in the Santa Barbara area alone, we have around a handful or so different hardiness zones. What that means is, you will likely waste a lot of time searching for your new plants on the internet because you will have a hard time honing your search effectively on our local area and your actual property without getting all the fluff from other nearby areas.

If any of this seems too confusing, please consider allowing our team to guide you through the process of selecting your plants. We have many great resources available to help you envision the new flora and fauna around your property and would love to walk you through some of our favorite local nurseries to give you an even more intimate experience with our locally available plants, flowers, trees, bushes, shrubs, ground covers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. There are so many lovely choices, it’s really quite impossible to explain in words… much easier to stimulate your senses on site to get a better feel for your flavor of color pallet, textures, smells, etc. We are very excited to guide you through this process too. Please reach out to connect with us and we will set up a time to get together and discuss your plants and related landscape project.

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