Step 5: Maintenance

At this point, you’ve probably already made the choice to invest in your home with us and are now looking for who to trust to maintain and care for your landscaping investment.

Choosing who to care for your landscaping is actually not too dissimilar from choosing who to care for your Ferrari if you ever chose to get one. It may sound silly but allow us to explain.

Imagine you’ve worked your whole life to build a business and have finally decided to spoil yourself and purchase a brand new Ferrari for $200k. You’re of course going to want to ensure that you care for it properly so that it performs perfectly and looks pristine not only in the short term but also the long term.

Landscaping is the same scenario without the wheels. You may have invested $50k, $150k, or even $250k on your landscaping. You’re going to want it to perform optimally and look amazing for years and years to come.

Your average gardener likely does not have the skills, tools, systems, and processes to deliver that caliber of service and care for your investment. There’s a few reasons for this.

Your average gardener doesn't possess the deep knowledge that we do

As you can imagine, building a $250k landscape requires a team with uncommon skill sets, teamwork, experience, coordination, equipment, software, systems, and processes. Only Ferrari’s team of engineers, designers, and mechanics possess the know how, systems, and processes, and equipment to build AND maintain Ferraris. The same goes for your landscaping.

Your average gardener doesn’t understand how your irrigation and drainage system works, we do because we designed it and we built it.

Your average gardener likely treats and cuts young lawns the same way they would a mature lawn. It might be because they just don’t know any better or maybe it’s a lack of care. We don’t because our teams have decades of experience and take enormous pride in their work. After spending weeks (or even months) building and transforming your property into a dreamscape, they aren’t going to ruin their own hard work by doing second-rate work maintaining it.

Your average gardener doesn’t know how often and what time of year to trim your vegetation. We do because our designer chose those specific species of vegetation, then laid out a maintenance plan and weekly checklist for our crews. Our crews then show up weekly (or bi-weekly) to your property with a plan and checklist custom built for your landscaping investment.

Consistency in maintaining your investment is KEY

An analogy we love making here is getting your haircut. Imagine you’re a male that likes to keep your hair short but then only goes to the barber once every 3 months. You’ll bounce between having a clean, tight look to a mop on your head and then go back and forth between the two.

That’s what often happens when using a typical gardener who doesn’t walk onto your property with a checklist and a plan. They just walk onto the property and just pay attention to whatever looks the most overgrown.

What this results in is vegetation that oscillates between being overgrown and then chopped down to the stem and trunks with few leaves left on the vegetation.

It kind of defeats the whole point of spending all that money to invest in your landscaping when it toggles between overgrown and looking chopped up.

Even the equipment has a role to play

Just like how a hospital maintains sterility when it comes to rooms, objects, and bandages, the same actually needs to be done with landscaping equipment! Seeds and spores from invasive species travel from yard to yard via lawn mowers and other equipment.

We sharpen our mower blades and hose down our equipment to help prevent that.

We only bill for work we've actually done

Ask your local gardener for proof that he was actually at your home a month ago and he’ll have nothing to show. Not with us.

The same software, systems, and processes that allow us to run a $250k landscape project are what allow us to maintain your property at a caliber nobody else can touch.

One example is we use GPS logging and facial recognition software to track the location of our crews at each of our job sites as an integral part of our billing system.

3-Man teams just operate more efficiently than a single gardener

The same reason why people prefer working out in a gym instead of at home alone is also the same reason why a 3-man landscaping team just gets more work done than a lone gardener. That reason being energy. One team member seeing another team member working hard just motivates him. It’s a synergy.

Having a 3-man team work together means they not only keep each other accountable and motivated but it also makes their work just more fun. They divide and conquer the property and work together as a team.

Clearview Landscaping is the premier provider of landscaping services in the Santa Barbara area. For over 20 years, we’ve been transforming bland outdoor spaces into beautiful sanctuaries with integrity.

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“Transforming your property is a carefully orchestrated sequence of deeply interconnected steps.

It takes vision to create beauty. Organization to deliver quality. Communication to maintain harmony. And unwavering integrity to respectfully manage your project from start to finish.

That’s why working with a single contractor like Clearview ensures success.”

Chris Hulme