“I hear good Contractors are scheduled out 6-8 months. Great ones 12-18.”

That is one of the things that makes us great. We run our business like a business instead of a job. That means we don’t take on more than we can handle. It also means we don’t take on every job. Our intention is to work with valued people who appreciate our highly organized and aligned operation. People who don’t just want a low bid and quick, dirty work. If you are reading this, most likely that isn’t you. But if you do have a tendency to use coupons, buy the least expensive food on the menu, and the cheapest cars and clothes money can buy… you may want to think twice before inviting us over to plan your project. Not all generalizations apply equally, but it’s important to note that we really seek people who understand the difference between a great business with great, disciplined, collaborative people and someone else who is really more of a trade artist. Someone who often does not run as tight a ship, or have as polished business practices and communication. They may even mean well and do great work, but getting them to show up to meet with you, call you back, or deliver you the paperwork they promised… well, let’s just say that may not be their strong suit. Our business is set up differently. Everyone has defined roles and responsibilities. We don’t have owner operators who “do it all” and get stuck handling other things that get in the way of being responsible for responding to you and your project needs. No way. You are our first priority. We hire the right people to properly balance your landscape design project and then “delegate to elevate”. Ever heard that one before? It means, you don’t have to call us more than once to get an answer. And you don’t need to wait multiple months to get our help on your project. Plain and simple. And as a result, we have slightly higher overhead costs than some of those other types. But it’s in our strategy to employ highly capable artist types ourselves, and train them to work with others on our team. This way we can best leverage those talents as a unified system within our organization. And then, we can take on more work without getting so booked out. And that, our Santa Barbara friends, is what makes us different. We have learned how to work together with these talented tradesmen and attract them to our team. They need help being responsible and accountable. And our business structure provides that for them. Know someone great who doesn’t seem to have their business skills all put together? Want to help them out? And us too? Send them our contact info and have them reach out to us. Better yet, send us both an email to connect us, we will likely have to reach out to them ourselves anyway. But once we do connect with them, we can show them a better way. And then they will be forever loyal and grateful. Truth is, we all have strengths and weaknesses… and when we help one another out, everybody wins. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. And we are always looking to connect with great individuals and if they help them transition over to working within our team’s pattern. We are 7-8 teams strong today… and growing. Who’s to say where we will be in the months and years ahead. The idea is exciting as we continue to help more and more people create dreamy landscapes where friends and family can join together and make incredible memories together.

Clearview Landscaping is the premier provider of landscaping services in the Santa Barbara area. For over 20 years, we’ve been transforming bland outdoor spaces into beautiful sanctuaries with integrity.

200+ 5 Star Reviews across the web

“Every time my sellers have gone with Clearview the property value of their home has increased dramatically prior to selling it.”

- Justin E. (via Yelp)

“Transforming your property is a carefully orchestrated sequence of deeply interconnected steps.

It takes vision to create beauty. Organization to deliver quality. Communication to maintain harmony. And unwavering integrity to respectfully manage your project from start to finish.

That’s why working with a single contractor like Clearview ensures success.”

Chris Hulme