Why does Clearview approach contracting differently?

Many contractors don’t want to spend their time driving around town looking for more work when they already have a bunch of work to begin with. Spending money on expensive gas, leaving projects where they are earning billable time, to come and talk with you about a project they don’t even know whether they are going to get or not. Writing up endless amounts of paperwork for you and other people to think about whether or not they like what they see in their quotes… It’s just not a lot of fun after a while… can be very exhausting… and really not sustainable. When Chris Hulme founded Clearview, he realized right away that if he was going to truly stay busy with work AND run a great business, he was going to need to separate and delegate roles of construction service from other roles of running the business. This is one reason why the old adage: “Get three bids” may not really be worth as much as it used to be. After all, if it takes you several weeks, months, or even years to get someone to call you back, send you a proposal, or book an appointment, what’s to say these people are going to take care of you during your project. Or after? Can you imagine trying to get one of these people to fix something they did wrong after they have already finished work at your property and already been paid? Yeah, forget about it. (That could also be said with a full New York accent to sound more like “fo-getta-bout-it”…) Seriously though, some people go through multiple rounds of bidding… trying to get three decent options to compare… and in the end get so frustrated they decide they won’t even do their project at all. So don’t let this happen to you… just drop us a line and watch how we do it. It’s so much better and easier. And you have 100% complete control over what it costs. You just need to be up front with us on your budget and let us handle the rest.

Clearview Landscaping is the premier provider of landscaping services in the Santa Barbara area. For over 20 years, we’ve been transforming bland outdoor spaces into beautiful sanctuaries with integrity.

200+ 5 Star Reviews across the web

“Every time my sellers have gone with Clearview the property value of their home has increased dramatically prior to selling it.”

- Justin E. (via Yelp)

“Transforming your property is a carefully orchestrated sequence of deeply interconnected steps.

It takes vision to create beauty. Organization to deliver quality. Communication to maintain harmony. And unwavering integrity to respectfully manage your project from start to finish.

That’s why working with a single contractor like Clearview ensures success.”

Chris Hulme