Someone said all the best contractors are booked out several months in advance.

Whether it was your neighbor, or your sister’s neighbor’s friend who does pet sitting for her aunt who mentioned this… if you are under the assumption that some people are, you believe you need to hire an overwhelmed owner operator type contractor with a 6-9+ months backlog of work. Why? Because somewhere or somehow you came to think that was the best way… but we at Clearview believe that is anything but the best way. In a day of instant communication and technology driven industry, anybody living by those rules is really stuck in the past. Hard to change your line of thinking? Yeah, we understand. Lot’s of people struggle with change in general. If that is you, we think you might subconsciously be thinking: this is a guaranteed way to find “the right guy” because “he wouldn’t be so busy if he wasn’t the best”. But no. This just means the Contractor has a much smaller crew and likely doesn’t have dedicated people running the individual parts of the business that benefit you as their Client. Probably also means they will be harder to keep on task at your property since they will be getting pulled in many directions with limited resources when they are there, and that’s if you do wait the 6-9 months for them to show up. What’s worse to us, we can’t imagine fielding your request to hire us to do something so exciting at your property like transforming all your landscaping just to look you right back in the eyes and ask you to wait until the summer of next year… doesn’t even matter the price… for that to sink in, and you to agree to it, you really have to have patience, loyalty to this particular person, and restraint on another level. And perhaps you do. In which case, by all means, go forward with them. But please, if you are reading this, remember to tread lightly before you make the decision to wait for a less than ideal treatment. The reality is, if they don’t care enough about setting up their business to serve you sooner, with the right people designated to handle the appropriate responsibilities, they likely won’t be able to help you with your job much better when the time comes either. So the question is, what are you willing to sacrifice to work with someone on those terms? Time? A wise man once said, time is the one thing you’ll never get back. The kids aren’t getting any younger. Costs aren’t going down any sooner. By the time you start work on something next summer, your entire life could easily have changed… we believe landscaping is something you should be able to plan and execute in just a couple or few months. And in most cases, from your initial meeting with us to your completed day of construction, the whole experience will only take a few months total. So… still want to wait 6-9 months to start with someone else? With us, you’ll be done and living life on another level by then! Time to join over 200 other extremely satisfied Clients and get Clearview out to develop your new dream yard. Make your home feel like a 5 star resort, and then… if you never leave home again, it just won’t matter!

Clearview Landscaping is the premier provider of landscaping services in the Santa Barbara area. For over 20 years, we’ve been transforming bland outdoor spaces into beautiful sanctuaries with integrity.

200+ 5 Star Reviews across the web

“Every time my sellers have gone with Clearview the property value of their home has increased dramatically prior to selling it.”

- Justin E. (via Yelp)

“Transforming your property is a carefully orchestrated sequence of deeply interconnected steps.

It takes vision to create beauty. Organization to deliver quality. Communication to maintain harmony. And unwavering integrity to respectfully manage your project from start to finish.

That’s why working with a single contractor like Clearview ensures success.”

Chris Hulme